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26.01.2019 . Gosti naprijed naravna. 6 more, 4 years ago. Gosti naprijed naravna. Preraskazana Lektira Spomenka 42, 5:46 0 · · 0 Reply 1 2 3. up vote. Neda stihi na preraskazanu lektiranu Spomenkom Sistemografa Shtetela Напев: Bajaga. Zvuk: 5.Next generation sequencing of Y chromosome STR loci: analysis of single point mutations and chimeric sequences. Short tandem repeat (STR) loci are routinely used for determination of paternity. This approach was shown to be effective even in the case of low stringency mating. However, STRs are highly variable and a number of studies reported STR mutations in male samples. The objective of this study was to evaluate Y chromosome STRs for point mutations, single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and insertions/deletions, which are not detected by conventional multiplex assays. A total of 16 Y chromosome STR loci were analysed. PCR fragments were sequenced and bioinformatics analysis was performed to determine the type of changes. The analysis of Y chromosome STR loci revealed 1 bp insertion and 7 base pair deletions. Bioinformatic analysis of SNPs identified 11 Y chromosome STRs that showed polymorphism at base pairs. Five SNPs were located in the male specific region of Y chromosome and 16 SNPs were located in the polymorphic segment of X chromosome. The results of mutation analysis of the Y chromosome STRs were in agreement with the results of STRs analysis. The analysis of chimeric sequences revealed an insertion of a long fragment at locus DYS19 and a deletion of 3 bp at DYS389I locus. The results of this study show that next generation sequencing is a very powerful technique for the analysis of Y chromosome STRs. In addition, this method allows for the identification of single point mutations and chimeric sequences in Y chromosome STR loci, which are not found by conventional multiplex analysis.Fremont hotel and casino shows strong 2Q earnings Preliminary second-quarter earnings for Strip-level casino operators continued to improve during the quarter, with Fremont Hotel Casino and Spa and Arizona Charlie’s Boulder Dam Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas achieving their best-





Preraskazana Lektira Spomenka Rapidshare haideco

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